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  • Instructions for setting up your online giving account

    First Christian Reformed Church Electronic Giving Instructions:
    Our church is excited to offer the ability to give electronically through a paid service provider called Vanco. Electronic giving is another way to give and is not replacing any current way of giving. Please remember that participation in the offering is optional and do not feel obligated to give.
     We support payments both online and through the designated phone app.
     Payments are allowed through a linked bank account. We do not allow payments through a credit card.
     You will receive a confirmation email after making a payment. It may take up to 3 days to process the payment, so please wait the 3 days before reporting a payment that didn’t go through to us.
     We support scheduled payments for the church’s major funds. Vanco begins processing your scheduled payment early so it goes through on the day you schedule, not delayed up to 3 days.
     The special offering funds will change each month to match the offering schedule of that given month. The special offering funds are not automatically switched, so giving on or after the first Sunday of every month will allow us time to switch them rather than giving on the first day of the month.
     There is a small percentage fee for the convenience of this service, so we ask that any sizeable donations still be given through a check in the offering plate to avoid this fee.
     End of the year contribution statements online will not include anything you have given physically so please wait for the contribution statement that church will send you.
    How to Give:
    Through Phone App:
    1. Download the GivePlus Mobile App.
    2. Enter the Church’s Name or Zip Code.
    3. Log In or Setup an account if it is your first time. *Please do not use the Give Now feature*
    4. Make a donation.
    5. Monitor your checking account to make sure payment went through in next 3 business days.
    Through Website:
    1. Visit our church’s website:
    2. Locate and choose the link to donate under the Resource Tab at the top of the website.
    3. Log In if your account is already set up or setup an account if it is your first time.
    4. Make a donation through the “Add Transaction” button.
    5. Monitor your checking account to make sure payment went through in next 3 business days.