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What's Pastor Reading?

Be a Gospel Neighbor

April 09, 2018
By Kyle Sanford

This simple article fits well with our church’s effort to grow in “The Art of Neighboring”, and it even mentions the book we are studying.

The article makes a great clarification that sometimes gets overlooked.  Hospitality is not the end goal; sharing the gospel is the end goal.  But how can we share the Gospel well if we haven’t neighbored first?  Even those who knock on random doors are riding on the coattails of someone else’s neighboring.

Make sure you catch the part about motives.  It’s tempting to turn people into “projects”, but this is counterintuitive to neighboring.

My takeaway: Read the 10 practical steps at the end of the article, find which steps you’re already practicing, and which one you can work on next.  Let’s grow in our missional hospitality together!

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4 Ways Christians Should Share Their Faith That Are Actually Effective

April 04, 2018
By Kyle Sanford

We talk a lot about evangelism but we typically think of it as knocking-on-random-doors or throwing-the-coolest-party-in-town.  However, the success of these models is limited to people who already feel like they need to go to church, but need someone to break the ice for them.

Our culture is quickly becoming a place where the average doesn’t feel the guilt to find a church, and many don’t think about the church at all.  So how do we connect with the new, non-religious majority?  The answer is easier than the door-to-door/giant-party approaches, but it does require long-term investments.

My takeaway: Would our work of biblical faithfulness be more satisfying if this is how we viewed discipleship?  Who do we know that's already living their faith in this way?

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The Power of De-Conversion Stories

February 06, 2018
By Kyle Sanford

Here is a thoughtful dissection of another high-profile “Christian” moving away from the foundations of authentic faith.  It good to read because people are naturally drawn to narrative more than substantial evidence.

My takeaway: Leaders like Jen Hatmaker (or Rob Bell) have been very influential to Christian culture.  Most are shocked when they take a step back from the religion they grew up with.  It’s a surprise because they sound like most of the other religious leaders we know. 

But when we believe that the way we read and use the Bible matters, then these departures are not surprising at all.  When our view of the Bible lacks the authority of God, we cannot hold on to our “faith” of the past.  These leaders are simply the ones brave enough to admit its logical conclusion.

There is only one view of scripture that can satisfy: A Bible filled to the brim with the words of a compassionate and powerful God.  Let’s spoil our spiritual taste buds with the finest of foods, so that we have no appetite for anything else.  Then we not be surprised by the next celebrity de-conversion.

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12 Ideas You Must Embrace to Affirm Theistic Evolution

January 16, 2018
By Kyle Sanford

The team that published a recent critique of “theistic evolution” (that God used evolution to create the world) continues to produce great material.  This video/blog succinctly lays out 12 ideas that must be affirmed to embrace theistic evolution.

My takeaway: The only thing that would have made this better is if Wayne Grudem dropped a mic at the end of the video!

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