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What's Pastor Reading?

The Power of De-Conversion Stories

February 06, 2018
By Kyle Sanford

Here is a thoughtful dissection of another high-profile “Christian” moving away from the foundations of authentic faith.  It good to read because people are naturally drawn to narrative more than substantial evidence.

My takeaway: Leaders like Jen Hatmaker (or Rob Bell) have been very influential to Christian culture.  Most are shocked when they take a step back from the religion they grew up with.  It’s a surprise because they sound like most of the other religious leaders we know. 

But when we believe that the way we read and use the Bible matters, then these departures are not surprising at all.  When our view of the Bible lacks the authority of God, we cannot hold on to our “faith” of the past.  These leaders are simply the ones brave enough to admit its logical conclusion.

There is only one view of scripture that can satisfy: A Bible filled to the brim with the words of a compassionate and powerful God.  Let’s spoil our spiritual taste buds with the finest of foods, so that we have no appetite for anything else.  Then we not be surprised by the next celebrity de-conversion.

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12 Ideas You Must Embrace to Affirm Theistic Evolution

January 16, 2018
By Kyle Sanford

The team that published a recent critique of “theistic evolution” (that God used evolution to create the world) continues to produce great material.  This video/blog succinctly lays out 12 ideas that must be affirmed to embrace theistic evolution.

My takeaway: The only thing that would have made this better is if Wayne Grudem dropped a mic at the end of the video!

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Churches Can't Event Their Way to Health

January 02, 2018
By Kyle Sanford

I realize this story comes from the wrong season (Halloween instead of Christmas), but I found it on a blog’s list of their top 10 posts of 2017.

Tony Morgan calls out the temptation for us to think that complicated church events are an adequate substitute for true Outreach.  I also love how he ends with a tongue-in-cheek list of time-wasting events our church can use.

My Takeaway: Whenever I read posts like these, it strikes a chord with what I read about the church in the New Testament.  However, there is still a part of me that feels jealous whenever I see another church doing one of these complicated events.

My prayer is that God would satisfy our hearts with honest discipleship, where we can courageously step outside of our comfort zones and serve the needs of our neighbors.

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Zero-Based Church Scheduling

December 21, 2017
By Kyle Sanford

Here is a simple exercise: wipe your calendar clean and write down only activities that help move the important things forward.  How does it compare to your actual calendar?  Which calendar would you rather keep?

My takeaway: We live in a society where busyness is going up and productivity is going down.  How can we be better stewards of our time inside the church and in our daily lives?

My heart tells me that we would be more content if we cut out the clutter and focused on what makes an eternal difference.

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