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Fear Overcome By Grace

11-11-2018 PM Service
Pastor Zoerhof
Genesis 43

Thankful For Christian Service

11-11-2018 AM Service
Pastor Alblas
Romans 16:1-16

The Watchfulness of God

11-4-2018 PM Service
Pastor Alblas
Psalm 121

A Series of Tests

11-4-2018 AM Service
Pastor Zoerhof
Genesis 42

The Importance of Praying Together

10-28-2018 PM Service
Pastor Alblas
Acts 1:12-26

The Sovereignty of God

10-28-2018 AM Service
Pastor Zoerhof
Genesis 41

Meet Judas Iscariot

10-21-2018 PM Service
Pastor Zoerhof
John 13:18-30

Thomas: Committed to Jesus

10-21-2018 AM Service
Pastor Alblas
John 1:43-51

Judas: Experiencing God Differently Than The World

10-14-2018 PM Service
Pastor Alblas
John 14:15-24

Waiting To Be Remembered

10-14-2018 AM Service
Pastor Zoerhof
Genesis 40:1-23

What Is God's Will?

10-7-2018 AM Service
Pastor Bill Sytsma
Jeremiah 29:11-13

The Unlikely Disciple

10-7-2018 PM Service
Paul Epley
Matthew 5:21-28

The Servants God Uses

9-30-2018 PM Service
Pastor Jul Medenblik
2 Kings 5:1-19

James & John - Learning About Humility and Service

9-30-2018 AM Service
Pastor Alblas
Matthew 20:20-28

Resisting Temptation

9-23-2018 PM Service
Pastor Zoerhof
Genesis 39